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What is Alys Beach on 30a?

30a is graced with beautiful communities that sit along it's 24 mile corridor. Each one unique with it's own vibe. Each community settled within the last 30 years.

The 158 acres of land now known as Alys Beach was purchased in the 1970s for a measly $1.2 million bid. Alys and Elton Stephens had been vacationing in the area (primarily in Seagrove Beach) since the 1950s and were driving through one day when they placed a bid on a whim...and won. Development began in the early 2000s, and the town has continued to evolve more and more every year via an expertly executed community development plan.

Alys Beach was designed by Marieanne Khoury-Vogt and her husband Erik Vogt, who also happened to be the town's very first residents. Architect Andres Duany of the DPZ Firm took special care in designing this resort town, learning lessons from the earlier developed neighborhoods of Rosemary Beach and Seaside.

Although Alys Beach was born in 2004, you truly feel as if you've either stepped back in time, or traveled somewhere across the globe. With stunning architecture and stark white facades that seem to glow from within, Alys Beach’s unique style may recall visions of Greek villages perched above the Mediterranean Sea. From its iconic palm-lined entry to secluded courtyards and green spaces, Alys Beach is truly a luxurious escape from everyday living.

Most of the charming communities along 30a are packed with people, commercial venues, events, etc. Alys Beach has a more calming / restful feel.

There are a few venues special to Alys Beach. Alys Beach lights up with color for the weekend of Digital Graffiti, a one-of-a-kind digital projection art experience that welcomes select artists from around the world to showcase their work as the neighborhood’s white walls come alive as canvases for unique artistic creations.

If you are a nature fan, enjoy soaking up beautiful views along the Timpoochee Trail or enjoying a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood nature preserve. Soak up sunshine at the beach or poolside at Caliza Pool, a stunning oasis complete with cabanas and food and drink service.

Attention food lovers. When it’s time for dinner, The CITIZEN and George’s are your go-to spots for fresh, Gulf-to-table cuisine bursting with South Walton’s signature flavors.

Need some entertainment. An afternoon stop by NEAT Tasting Room & Bottle Shop should also be on your Alys Beach agenda. Known for its thoughtfully curated collection of artisan spirits, wines and craft beers, NEAT features creative cocktails, happy hour specials, live music and a diverse selection of gourmet hors d’oeuvres.

WEDDINGS OR SPECIAL EVENTS- Alys Beach is fabulous place to capture a stunning photo for a wedding, anniversary, or just a family portrait. The beautiful architecture and white sands make for the perfect setting.

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