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CRAB ISLAND- The Ultimate in Fun

EVER EXPERIENCED CRAB ISLAND? Crab Island in Destin Florida is the ultimate place to relax with friends, have a bachelorette party, etc.

Crab Island is a sandbar about 2-3 feet deep where guests swim, play in the water, throw frisbees, slide down water slides, or just hang out.

Why drive all the way to Destin or Crab Island by car and spend over 1 hour in a car when you can be at Crab Island by boat in 45 minutes. Plus, instead of being in a 50 hp pontoon rental boat you can be in a 150 hp luxury tritoon. Also, most pontoon rental boats are 23 foot long. OUrs are 28 foot long giving you tons of space. In addition to this, 30a Pontoon Rental gives you 6 hours of fun on the water instead of 4.

Crab Island is both beautiful and fun. Visit

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