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Michael's Testimony

My Story.. When I was a kid I was passionate about cars. I was the kid who collected a bunch of matchbox cars and played with them every chance I had. I was also passionate about boats. I had only been on two boats as a small kid that I can remember. They were such profound events, I just had to have a boat when I got older.

Fast forward to high school. I was a punk kid. Always getting in trouble. I was the typical kid struggling with my identity, always trying to fit in. I was popular. I was class president for 3 years, but it was never enough. I was always seeking attention. I had a natural hunger that could never be satisfied no matter what I did.

I also loved clothes as a kid. My favorite store was American Eagle Outfitters in Eastland Mall in Evansville. I went in there every chance I could get. When I was 15 I told the manager I wanted to work there. She said, "Sorry, I can't hire you. We only hire people over 18 years old". I wasn't going to take no for an answer. I told her one way or another I was going to work there. Long story short, she offered to give me an interview with the District Manager. Well, I was the first person under 18 ever hired there. Why is this such a big part of my testimony? There was an older guy that at American Eagle by the name of Jeff Bosse who witnessed to me all the time. He tried to get me to go to church countless times. I never wanted to go. The idea of church freaked me out. I went to church, but it was a Catholic service and I was freaked out about the idea of going to a non-denominational church. I told him know about 20 times. He continued to have a bunch of hot girls from the youth group come in. Well, I finally agreed to go. What could it hurt right?

Well, I experienced something I never had before. People who were genuine. Actually, people who were genuine about having a love relationship with Jesus. It was weird at first. Well, I would go to this church group, then go party. Go to the church group and then go party. After awhile I realized the party life was just drilling a hole further in my soul. However, the church life was filling that hole. One night a guy shared his testimony of his relationship to Jesus. I knew he had something I didn't have. I got on my knees that night and begged Jesus to come in my life. The next day I was a new man. I really felt like I was born again. Truthfully I never totally understood the gospel then. I just knew Jesus came in my heart. I knew my prayer was sincere and God heard me. Kind of like the guy on the cross next to Jesus. He said, "Jesus, remember me, when you come into your kingdom". Jesus said, "today, you will be with me in paradise".

Anyway, fast forward. From this point forward I was a new man. I didn't want to party anymore. I still had fun, I just didn't do the bad stuff. Well, this was 30 years ago. My relationship with Jesus has had ups and downs ever since. There are days I feel him powerfully, and there are days when I feel like I drift away from Him.

Fast forward some more. God called me to start a church about 4 years ago. We taught the Bible heavily every Sunday. When Corona hit we just couldn't maintain what we were doing so we shut down. At the same time I started the church, I started the pontoon business. Thankfully God was providing for us financially so that when the church shut down, I had an income. When Corona hit, God told me three things. 1. It was from China 2. It was manufactured. 3. It would be used for political purposes. Well, I got myself in some trouble with Facebook for sharing that. Well, I've shared some other stuff recently on Facebook where they banned me totally. It shut down 23 of my Facebook pages. I'm not sure if they will ever come back. It will be a hit to us financially, but God is my provider, not man. There are times when I'm angry. I spent years building these pages. I don't want to share the true feelings I have towards Facebook. It's honestly criminal. It's sad that Facebook promotes a ton of trash, but I can't share my religious or political views on certain matters. Not to be harsh, but God will judge them. My job is to pray.

I'm not a perfect person. I have my own sins. The business isn't perfect either. We make mistakes. However, our desire is to honor God in everything we do. We also want people to know that Jesus died for a reason. He died because none of us are perfect. We have all sinned and fallen short of God's glory. Let's face it. We all deserve to be punished for our sin. But even though we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. How awesome is that. Your sins (no matter how bad they are) have been paid for on the cross. It doesn't mean we should keep sinning.

My challenge is for you to receive Christ. Know that he loves you. If you read nothing else on this page and never rented anything from us, this is what we would want you to know. If you would be so kind, please share our websites with family and friends. I believe God has a way bigger platform for our company than Facebook. What the enemy intended for bad, God will use for Good.

Christ Blessings!

Michael Knapp

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