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So who is 30a Pontoon Rental and what all do they do? 30a Pontoon Rental started in 2018 when Michael Knapp (co-owner) was pastoring a church in Santa Rosa Beach. Michael always wanted to have a boat. Michael also had a background in Marketing and product development and had always wanted to start a pontoon rental business. However, due to planting a church, finances were a bit tight.

In 2018 the Bese Family joined The Well Church. Devin Bese was an IT guy with extensive knowledge on developing information systems for businesses across the country.

Michael shared the vision with Devin and in 2018 bought their first pontoon rental boat.

Now, 30a Pontoon Rental in Santa Rosa Beach has 8 passenger 150 hp tritoons, 12 passenger 150 hp tritoons, and 150 hp double decker tritoons with water slides.

Our pontoon rental boats are not the average $10-$20,000 pontoon rental boats. These pontoon rental boats are premium boats with all the bells and whistles. The typical pontoon rental boat in the 30a area is a 50 hp pontoon. A 50 hp pontoon travels at approximately 10-12 mph. A 150 hp tritoon averages 25-35 mph depending on weight on boat, wind, current, etc. The double decker tritoons with water slides are the slower model tritoons because of the wind resistance on the top deck.

30a Pontoon Rental wanted to expand our services. in 2021 after a long stretch of drama with COVID19, we decided to expand to land vehicles and purchased our first Polaris Slingshot Rentals. These Polaris Slingshots are super cool. Often folks call these the BATMOBILE. They have a sleek design and super fun to drive. These polaris slingshot rentals on 30a and Destin have blue tooth and back up cameras. Check out our slingshot rentals at

That wasn't all. We wanted something less "Batmoblie" and more "Beachy". As a result, we purchased our first Beach Buggy Rentals. These are the definition of fun. These Beach Buggy Rentals are 4 passenger, gas powered, and have blue tooth stereo. These Beach Buggy rentals can go anywhere a car can go (except the beach). They average about 30 mpg. Check out our Beach Buggy Rentals at

30a Pontoon Rental also introduced our Van Shuttle Services for the 30a area. This allows us to safely transport our guest from their home to the dock. We do airport shuttle services, but only if it doesn't interfere with our boat rental clients. Visit

30a Pontoon will soon be introducing our MOKE RENTALS. Check out that website at

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