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What is Seaside Florida?

35 years ago you could drive from Panama City to Destin or the Miramar Beach area and see nothing. There were a handful of small beach style homes off 30a, but they were just very simple cottages.

Years ago the St. Joe Paper Company planted 10's of 1000's of trees for paper production Then they realized there was more money in real estate development than there was paper. As a result, small communities around 30a started developing.

One of the most popular communities is Seaside Florida. Robert Davis is the founder of Seaside, Florida, described by Time magazine as “the most astonishing design achievement of its era and, one might hope, the most influential.” As the birthplace of a movement in land planning known as the new urbanism, Seaside's influence has spread widely and is helping to revolutionize neighborhoods across the country and possibly even the globe.

Seaside was designed where there was a "Downtown" in the center with shopping, a post office, restaurants, etc. Then outside that area, different sized homes. All the architecture in Seaside compliments a colorful beachside community.

Not long after the development and growth of Seaside movie producers Scott Rudin, Andrew Niccol, Edward S. Feldman, Adam Schroeder felt Seaside would be an ideal fit for THE TRUMAN SHOW.

If you haven't watched The Truman Show, it's a must. It's a masterpiece of both comedy, drama, and fiction. The story line is simple, yet profound. Truman, played by Jim Carey lives in a manufactured world. Basically, Truman was born on the set of a massive movie set. He has no idea His mom, dad, friends, family, school, and as he aged, his job are all characters and / or sets in a movie. At one point, when Truman is in his 30's, he realizes the world he's living in is manufactured. In the process, makes several attempts to leave this world. There are too many additional intricacies that need to be left out for the simple fact that those reading this need to watch the movie on their own. It's worth the watch.

Anyway, after the movie was produced in the early 1990's Seaside became a destination spot for many travelers. People from Destin, Panama City Beach, Orange Beach, etc. traveled down 30a just to experience the magic of Seaside.

Now Seaside is plastered with beautiful homes, a fabulous downtown community with shops, restaurants, and who can forget the airstream concession trailers that sit just feet off 30a. If you haven't had delicious BBQ from Barefoot BBQ, the best grilled cheese ever from The Meltdown, or got sugared up with a shaved ice from Frost Bites, you are missing out.

Other noticable hot spots in Seaside are Bud and Alleys on the Beach, Great Southern Cafe, and Pickles burger and shakes.

While you visit, check the music and entertainment schedule. Seaside often offers live music in their outdoor auditorium.

Don't forget local water activities. 30a Pontoon Rental is just down the road and the closest pontoon rental to the area. They offer beautiful luxury 150 hp tritoons as well as double decker tritoons with water slides. Visit

30a Rental Company also offers a few other fun things for Seaside guests. Check out their 65 and 75 foot luxury yacht charters at or their fabuluos Beach Buggy rentals at

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