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Pontoon Rental Boats are easy and fun!

We’re all about having fun in the sun in Santa Rosa Beach. What is the best and most relaxing way to catch some rays and enjoy your summer days? Cruising on a pontoon rental boat, of course!

Why are Pontoon Rental Boats so easy and so fun?

  1. Family Friendly – Quality family time can be hard to come by these days. Our tritoon pontoon rental boats offer families an opportunity to spend an afternoon together while enjoying the great outdoors. Our pontoon rental boats can carry up to 12 people. Great for private parties, family gatherings, bachelorette parties, etc.

  2. Plenty of Storage Space – Our pontoon rental boats are 23-28 foot long. At approximately 25 feet long and several feet wide, there is plenty of room for storage. You’ll have no problem fitting your water toys, coolers full of cold drinks and snacks, towels, fishing gear and other necessary party items on these pontoon rental boats. You’ll have everything you need for hours upon hours of relaxation and fun.

  3. Easy to Handle – Compared to other boats, pontoon boats are easy to handle. The wide base and easily visibility allow for even novice boaters to maneuver almost effortlessly. Because of the pontoon boat’s shape, there is no need to worry too much about weight distribution. People on the boat are free to walk around on the deck without fear of rocking or tipping the boat in one direction.

To book your pontoon rental experience in Santa Rosa Beach visit

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